Travel Uniform Questions?
If you are a current Travel player you do not need to purchase a new uniform.  Your uniform is good till you out grow it.  This uniform does not expire and you can use it for many years.
If you are a current Sr. or Jr. Academy player coming to Travel and you still have your blue and yellow socks as well as the blue shorts you will only need to purchase the Travel Jerseys.  Once the Jerseys are purchased the uniform does not expire and you can use it for many years.
If you are a new Travel Player to our club you must purchase our Travel Uniform to play Travel Ball.  This uniform does not expire and you can use it for many years.

How to print your Medical Release?

To find the medical release needed you will need to log in to your players account, not the family account.

Once logged in to the players account you will follow the following path....

Registration > Enrolled Programs (on the right.... Click on the "Details" under the DYSC program you enrolled in) > Additional Forms (on the left... Click on "Printable Registration Forms") > Print
This is your registration and Medical Release all in one. 

Please print, complete, and bring to your coach. If your child played last year you will still need to do a NEW medical release form.

How do I upload my players Birth Certificate in Got Soccer?

 In your child’s Got Soccer account, you’ll will go to My Profile, then you will see a tab marked ‘Club Documents’. Click that tab, then look for “Upload Document for B2DEL Deltona YSC FL,”  Click that. In there, Please upload your child’s birth certificate as a PDF or JPG document. The birth certificate MUST be a PDF or JPG document for it to work.

If you uploaded your birth certificate last year, you should not need to re-load it.
Please contact your Team Manager
or the club registrar, 

Tanya Georgiev

if you have any problems or questions.

How do I upload a picture on Got Soccer?

Please upload your player’s head shot picture onto their account in Got Soccer. Please log in to your account. Please select ‘profile’. Add a current photo. If the photo is too large, it will not upload. 500 DPI is a good size. Please make sure it is a clear close up HEAD SHOT (from their shoulders up) picture.

What is the Address I mail payments to?

Deltona Youth Soccer Club
P.O. Box 6345, Deltona Fl 32728

 (please put your players name on the check, as well as the outside of the envelope)

How do I enter my credit card in got soccer?  Or change my credit card in got soccer?
Log in to your member account.  If you don’t remember your login you can click the “Can’t remember your login?” Click that and Got soccer will email it to you.
MAKE SURE YOU LOG INTO YOUR CHILD'S INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT-The directions below will not work if you log into your Family Account.
Once logged in click the Registration Tab, then on the right side of the page look for Enrolled Programs. The newest event should be at the top of the list.  Example:  DYSC Travel Competitive 2014-2015. Click the word Details.  Once you click details the next page that comes up will be where you enter your card information.  It will be on the bottom left under Payment Information.

Does Deltona Youth Soccer have a refund policy?
No we do not, Once the registration is processed in got soccer, there are no refunds.

How do I order uniforms and what do I need to order?
You will need to click the uniform tab on our website to order your uniform.  You will need 2 Shirts (yellow and blue jersey), 2 pair of socks (blue and yellow) and 1 pair of blue shorts.

How do I get my Jersey Numbered?
You need to contact your Team Manager or Coach they will know the process and help you with what number you will receive. The cost to get your Travel Jerseys numbered is $12.00

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