Travis Owens President Email 407-928-1004
 Jim D'Errico Vice President Email 
 John Thomson 2nd Vice President Email 407-256-4783
 Danielle Derecola Treasurer Email 386-216-4812
 Merriann Frederick Secretary Email 
 Travis Owens Point of Contact Email 407-928-1004
 Travis Owens Facilities Manager/Scheduling Email 407-928-1004
 Travis Owens Field Manager Email 407-928-1004
 Orlando De La Torre Director Of Soccer Operations Email 
 Michelle Farmer GOSA Competitive Travel Registrar Email 386-871-9861
 Traci Kutsko Girls and Boys Competitive Travel Registrar Email 386-860-3891
 Traci Kutsko Travel Bookkeeper Email 386-860-3891
Milton McCulloch
 Director of JR Academy Email 321-279-3637
 Billy Barry Director of SR Academy Email 386-956-2238
 Josie Snyder JR/SR Academy Registrar Email 386-473-1019
 Kelly D'Errico JR/SR Academy Bookkeeper Email 
 Tabatha Townsend Director of Tournaments Email 386-215-9482
 Charles Rivers Webmaster Email 
 VACANT School Ambassador  
 VACANT Volunteer Coordinator  


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